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Norman Walsh ndw at nwalsh.com
Sun Jun 8 15:01:40 UTC 2003

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/ Dan Brickley <danbri at w3.org> was heard to say:
| (copying foaf list)

Hi Dan,

| (Slightly related to http://norman.walsh.name/2003/06/06/karma)
| http://nwalsh.com/foaf.rdf suggests:
| 	Homepage: http://nwalsh.com/
| But http://nwalsh.com/people/ndw/index.html (or http://nwalsh.com/people/ndw/) seem 
| also to have good claim on being your homepage(s)...

Indeed. I tend to point to http://nwalsh.com/ (though that tendency predates the
existence of http://norman.walsh.name/ :-). But for FOAF, I suppose something
more directly personal makes more sense.

I'm tempted to suggest


But that's a somewhat clunky URI.

It's currently a (mostly) copy of, and is kinda sorta intended to
replace, http://nwalsh.com/people/ndw/

| Is 'http://nwalsh.com/people/ndw/' the most appropriate URI to use? Reason I ask is 
| that I've been fiddling with a demo which merges CPAN info in RDF with other FOAF, in 
| support of queries such as 'find me RSS feeds for weblogs of CPAN contributors'...
| If I get a chance, I'll chunk in the W3C TR page data too, so we can find weblog 
| posts from Web-folk who are CPAN contributors too. This is an experiment to try to 
| show utility from simple data merging tools, and maybe at same time shed some light on
| 'uris for people' design options.
| Anyway, there are currently two ingredients. A convertor for CPAN info (very basic) and
| a set of sample FOAF records I've hand coded to give us something to be getting on with. I
| stumbled across your entry in CPAN so you're one of the folks I've listed, hope that's OK.

Sure it's ok.


| ...hence the question about your homepage URI(s), as my cpan dump and sample RDF was 
| being merged with other data (incl. your foaf file) which disagreed with it. Not that 
| there is anything wrong with having two homepages, except it makes my query results look
| untidy.

Where did you find something other than http://nwalsh.com/? Did I use
something else for my homepage in the CPAN records?

Bringing this back around to the question of URIs for people, I realize that
my URI for the purpose of identifying me to my own tools is


which is really just a public face on more definitive (but unpublishable)
set of data identified with another URI.

I think the fact that I currently assert multiple home pages is a good
match for my mental state :-). But I'll think about it and see if I
can build up some convergence.

                                        Be seeing you,

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