[rdfweb-dev] Spanish, French Version of FOAF-a-Matic

Leigh Dodds ldodds at ingenta.com
Thu Jun 12 13:54:16 UTC 2003

A quick email to announce the Spanish [1] and French [2] 
versions of the FOAF-a-Matic, and publically thank Leandro Mariano
Lopez and Francois Granger respectively for their efforts 
in translating the application.

I'm maintaining a list of volunteers in [3].



p.s. hope its OK to keep announcing these here.

[1]. http://www.ldodds.com/foaf/foaf-a-matic.es.html
[2]. http://www.ldodds.com/foaf/foaf-a-matic.fr.html
[3]. http://www.ldodds.com/blog/archives/000040.html

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