[rdfweb-dev] Describing FOAF using OWL: enumerating allowed

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Mon Jun 23 09:10:01 UTC 2003

Does any mailing list have writing OWL ontologies in scope? I'm subscribed
to most (maybe all) of the related W3C lists, but nowhere does this seem to
really come up - rdf-interest I suppose is the closest. Maybe people only do
it in the privacy of their own homes ;-)

I wonder if I can just slip these in, pick your brains on a couple of
related collections-related scenarios. I'm wondering how best to represent
the info in RDF/OWL.

1. open collection becomes closed collection

This has come up with my simple-project-management vocab [1], where a task
or goal is comprised of subtasks/goals. I'm currently modelling this with
TaskList & GoalList typed-node style container classes (bunch of rdf:li's),
so it's open ended. But at some point in the project development process you
will/should know that you have enumerated all the subtasks/goals. For
reasoning about priorities, it would be useful to be able to say that a
particular goal has exactly these subgoals.

2. closed collection dependent on open collection

>From the ThreadsML strawman [2]. A thread is a set of related posts (mail,
blog, whatever), each will be identified with a URI. Now it won't be
possible to conclusively say that a, b and c are the only posts in a thread,
because d could be out there and simply not yet discovered. So the posts
list will be open-ended. But the list of contributors to the thread will be
fixed 'internally', dependendent on the list of posts.

Hmm, two things occurred to me while typing that last sentence - one that it
might be best to have a closed collection of 'known posts', that could be
revised as new posts appear. Secondly, as it's using foaf for all the
person-related stuff this list probably is an appropriate place to discuss
it after all ;-)

Anyhow, thought & suggestions greatly appreciated.


[1] http://ideagraph.net/xmlns/project/
[2] http://www.quicktopic.com/cgi-bin/thwiki.pl?ThreadsVocabulary

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