[rdfweb-dev] XSLTs for FOAF, Spring v1.3.1 and plans for FOAFspec improvements

James Carlyle james.carlyle at takepart.com
Tue Jun 24 18:09:17 UTC 2003


> >Alternatively, I might be persuaded to modify the output of my RDF to
> >NTriples stylesheet to produce Spring format XML.
> Any chance you could modify it to handle all of the current
> specification, outputting in a (to be defined) canoncial format?
> Such a transformation would be extremely useful for quite a few people
> - having to go to triples is not always great, especially when the
> output is usually another form of XML (e.g. XHTML)...

I am happy to do this - personally I feel that given the availability of XML
processing in almost all languages, a canonical XML format is going to be
easier to work with than plain text Triples.

But what do you mean by canonicalisation?  For example, one form (the
intermediate RDF XML form that Max worked on) is unspecific in terms of RDF
statements, but with all of the shortcuts specified in the XML serialisation
standard removed.  This canonical form clearly belongs to the RDF core.  Or
canonicalisation in the context of FOAF might mean shaping FOAF specific
statements (i.e. knows, Person etc, with a defined and consistent nesting
structure) and removing other non-FOAF statements.


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