[rdfweb-dev] weblogs and homepages

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Wed Jun 25 11:33:50 UTC 2003

A friend just asked me how to add foaf:weblog to here FOAF file.

Rather than dictate markup over the phone, I write a brief howto 
article on the topic:

	 Using foaf:weblog in your FOAF file

...this touches on the issue of describing collaboratively edited weblogs,
by noting that foaf:weblog is only applicable to weblogs considered to be 
the weblog of a particular thing. And promising future elaboration 
regarding collaboratively edited sites.

Comments/suggestions/feedback welcomed, either here or in the Weblog comments.

Generally I'd suggest keeping heavy-duty RDF/OWL tech commentary on 
rdfweb-dev, with the weblog site leaning more towards user and developer 
oriented writeups.



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