[rdfweb-dev] Re: XSLTs for FOAF, Spring v1.3.1 and plans for FOAF spec improvements

Masahide Kanzaki post at kanzaki.com
Wed Jun 25 12:33:37 UTC 2003


At 6:35 PM +0200 03.6.24, Morten Frederiksen wrote:
>I agree that there should be no hard requirements, but some
>recommendations would be fine.
>I see the minimal useful standalone FoaF "fragment" as being foaf:name
>and at least one inverseFunctionalProperty, prefering foaf:mbox_sha1sum
>over foaf:mbox and foaf:homepage. (If only the rdfweb database would
>accept the mbox_sha1sum for queries - Libby?)

I would suggest that 'foaf:name or foaf:nick' be the minimal along with one
inverseFunctionalProperty, because some people may not want to expose their
real name on the web. Actually, the majority of the emerging japanese foaf
use 'foaf:nick' but not necessarily 'foaf:name'.


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