[rdfweb-dev] XSLTs for FOAF, Spring v1.3.1 and plans for FOAF

Morten Frederiksen mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk
Thu Jun 26 16:30:05 UTC 2003

"Danny Ayers" <danny666 at virgilio.it> wrote:
>It's a tricky area - seems quite a lot of the XML-ers don't even like the
>idea of namespaces. There's some interesting stuff that might be worth
>looking at in the context of FOAF coming up over on Sam Ruby's RSS-successor
>Wiki [1], and although Norm might slap my wrist for this I reckon it's worth
>hoping at least that any new format is interoperable with FOAF on a semantic
>level [2].
*sound of crossing fingers*

>As a fyi, in IdeaGraph I've been using XSLT to go the other way, to get RDF
>from first RSS 2.0 and now OPML (cough!) from blogrolls. FOAF itself is
>easy - I'm using Jena ;-). Morten's done some rather sophisticated
>stylesheets for these [3], [4], and Sjoerd Visscher [5] has an RSS->RDF one
>too. By the time I'd heard of Morten's I'd already hacked a simple OPML->OCS
>one myself [6] (have to use this anyway, Morten's are GPL'ed).
Depending on the usage, I'd probably be happy to license a copy to you
and your project on another license if you'd like.


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