[rdfweb-dev] Spring and FOAF (Re: rdfweb-dev Digest, Vol 5, Issue 19)

Robb Beal robb at usercreations.com
Fri Jun 27 15:06:08 UTC 2003

Robb Beal of UserCreations here.

Apologies for the delayed response! We had a significant bug that 
required a new Spring release.

FWIW, a large part of our frustration was a simple lack of time. We 
added FOAF support late in the 1.3 product cycle. We were so pressed 
for time, we weren't even aware of the other XSLT-based work. We'll 
work with Morten and James on the XSLT.

We'd love to see Spring become a way to create triples by dragging 
between two Spring Objects and choosing/creating a named relation. 
(Spring was inspired while I was reading the Meta Content Framework 
spec way back when.) We're looking for collaborators!

Is there any concerted effort to get investment dollars flowing into 
applied Semantic Web research? We'd love to see a Semantic Web 
incubator along the lines described here,




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