[rdfweb-dev] FoaF for web forms, and FoafCheck

Ken MacLeod ken at bitsko.slc.ut.us
Fri Jun 27 18:06:00 UTC 2003

mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk (Morten Frederiksen) writes:

> Ken MacLeod <ken at bitsko.slc.ut.us> wrote:
> >  1) FoaF instances can describe more than one foaf:Person.  Using
> >     rdf:seeAlso is just a hack (another suggested hack was to use
> >     dc:creator as a property of the FoaF instance).

> Another approach, which seems to be the Right One(tm), is to state
> that the current document has a foaf:topic that is the person being
> described.

"current document" == FoaF instance?  The suggestion for the FoaF
instance resource to have dc:creator appears to be similar.

The use-case that demonstrates the problem is where an organization
hosts the definitive FoaF resources for their members, there is no
"principle" or "primary" person within the instance.

Corollary to that, more abstractly and more importantly, is whether a
FoaF document instance *should* be an unambiguous URI for an entity,
like mbox or mbox_sha1sum are.

 -- Ken

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