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Marc Canter marc at broadbandmechanics.com
Thu Jun 26 17:46:12 UTC 2003

I just read over this:
..which talks about photos and six degrees of connection.  Have you
checked out Fotolog.net?  I like the co-depiction photos thingie.  I
noticed that the dim sum shots were taken behind the Hotel Krasnopolski
in Amsterdam. I don't have to tell you that my favorite 'coffee shop' is
right there..
I also wanted to reach out to you about FOAF in general.  I had a great
time with Morten Fredericksen in Copenhagen last weekend and he said you
two are REALLY the FOAF folks to talk to.
1.	I pleaded with him to have you set up a FOAF.org. I know, I know
- that you THINK that rdfweb.org is the same as foaf.org but in fact
it's not.
2.	I'd make you or Aaron Schwartz my friends - but I have to go
grok the difference between the approach Morten showed me and the
'other' one.
3.	Which brings me to MY purpose for being here - which is actually
two fold:
                  - think of me as a marketing guy.  
                              - I take/look at technology and make it
plausible for humans.  So case in point - I tell someone asks about
FOAF. They type in FOAF.org and get nothing.  They then think "who are
these FOAF people, why don't they have FOAF.org?"
                              - I'm sure you're bombarded daily (in your
role as a W3C nerd) to make this semantic web stuff - more human
                              - I can help and FOAF is at a juncture (as
it's about to be supported by TypePad) - so NOW is the time to take this
to the next stage...
                              - So hanging around the mail list,
speaking up, pointing out key factors - will be my role..
                  - I'm an entrepreneur - a toolsmith - and we're
working on software that has many social implications.  A new kind of
tool.  A new paradigm of tools.
                              - I got a chance to show Morten what we're
up to
                              - Hopefully we'll be able to leverage and
include FOAF in our plans
                              - I've been helping get something called
ThreadsML going.. (ask Danny Ayers about that..)
                              - We're also working on an 'OpenIdentity'
effort (more later)
                  - So I'm here and ready to rock...
4.	Not sure if this letter gets me onto the mail list. Another case
in point.  The way OTHER people do it - they have a statement which
                  "Here's our mail list" - "Here's what you have to do
to sign for the mail list."
                  It's little things like that that humans like...
5.	Anway - don't wanna start off this relationship on the negative
side. This is exciting shit!  I'm jazzed.  Being a former best friend of
Dave Winer - and being someone who helped change the world - already -
puts me into a unique position to help you and to help me and to hold
hands and sing: "Kum bah yah"
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