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The good news - is that there's plenty of precedence with these sort of
social networks - Ryze, Friendster, LinkedIn, eCademy, Friendly Favors,
Sona - the list goes on and on.
The need arises for interchange of trust systems.  And we can start a
grass roots groundswell by...
Doing the little things that Morten is doing.
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Hi Marc, 

This is exactly the kind of issue I was raising on the rdfweb-dev list
several weeks ago with my questions about the hierarchy of FoaF markup
and the need for the ability to embed/encapsulate markup inside other
markup to explicitly show now just that you know someone or some thing
but how/why you know someone/something.

Without the ability to explicitly specify the context(s) of FoaF markup
(all FoaF assertions are at the "top level"), FoaF's viability seem to
me to be quite limited. 


On Monday, June 30, 2003, at 12:37 PM, Marc Canter wrote:
What Urs brings up is ONE real benefit of deploying FOAF into the real
world. This is a pragmatic implementation - which requires FOAF to
represent more than one level of relationship.


Look at it this way:

           - as these social networking system spread (Friendster is
adding 12k people A DAY)

           - the need arises to transfer or connect the various friends
links or reputations systems that develop

           - yes - indeed they're called 'trusted networks'

           - some of these social software vendors consider these
trusted nets - THEIR I.P.

           - while others have said they're willing to open them up -and
connect them to others

           - I've done a survey of existing and planned trust systems
(Affero, XpertWeb, NetDeva) 

           - and none of them are using FOAF as a 'data structure' for
representing one's personal set of friends links


SO now you have a goal!


As TypePad comes out and sets in stone the usage of FOAF as a blogroll
representation system


It's up to you guys - and me - and a few others..


To get FOAF used elsewhere - and THEN if we can connect SixApart's
efforts to:

           - inter-connecting trust systems, blogrolls and friends
networks..from all over the Net

           - tying in one's personal meta-data

           - bring in GPS, RSS and other existing standards into the mix

           - tying this into all the research, OWL, W3C, T B-L efforts
and ideas..                                       


You can be DAMM CLOSE to having some real semantical value out there.


Thanks Ben - for getting this started. And thank you Morten for the
cool, new FOAF Explorer features.


Now it's time to get this stuff into the hands - of the people!


- Marc Canter


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dear marc


what do you thing about my idea?



regards, urs

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I just read over this:




..which talks about photos and six degrees of connection. Have you
checked out Fotolog.net? I like the co-depiction photos thingie. I
noticed that the dim sum shots were taken behind the Hotel Krasnopolski
inAmsterdam. I don't have to tell you that my favorite 'coffee shop' is
right there..




I also wanted to reach out to you about FOAF in general. I had a great
time with Morten Fredericksen inCopenhagenlast weekend and he said you
two are REALLY the FOAF folks to talk to.


1.I pleaded with him to have you set up a FOAF.org. I know, I know -
that you THINK that rdfweb.org is the same as foaf.org but in fact it's


2.I'd make you or Aaron Schwartz my friends - but I have to go grok the
difference between the approach Morten showed me and the 'other' one. 


3.Which brings me to MY purpose for being here - which is actually two


              - think of me as a marketing guy. 

                          - I take/look at technology and make it
plausible for humans. So case in point - I tell someone asks about FOAF.
They type in FOAF.org and get nothing. They then think "who are these
FOAF people, why don't they have FOAF.org?"

                          - I'm sure you're bombarded daily (in your
role as a W3C nerd) to make this semantic web stuff - more human

                          - I can help and FOAF is at a juncture (as
it's about to be supported by TypePad) - so NOW is the time to take this
to the next stage...

                          - So hanging around the mail list, speaking
up, pointing out key factors - will be my role..

              - I'm an entrepreneur - a toolsmith - and we're working on
software that has many social implications. A new kind of tool. A new
paradigm of tools.

                          - I got a chance to show Morten what we're up

                          - Hopefully we'll be able to leverage and
include FOAF in our plans

                          - I've been helping get something called
ThreadsML going.. (ask Danny Ayers about that..)

                          - We're also working on an 'OpenIdentity'
effort (more later)

              - So I'm here and ready to rock...


4.Not sure if this letter gets me onto the mail list. Another case in
point. The way OTHER people do it - they have a statement which says... 

              "Here's our mail list" - "Here's what you have to do to
sign for the mail list."

              It's little things like that that humans like...


5.Anway - don't wanna start off this relationship on the negative side.
This is exciting shit! I'm jazzed. Being a former best friend of Dave
Winer - and being someone who helped change the world - already - puts
me into a unique position to help you and to help me and to hold hands
and sing: "Kum bah yah" 



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