[rdfweb-dev] FW: Standard review format (RVW)

Phil Wilson pipthepixie at hotmail.com
Thu May 8 12:22:04 UTC 2003

This would seem to be a possible basis for the recommendation engine Gareth 
Simpson asked about last week, either including reviews in a user's FOAF 
file or creating a file filled with reviews and then linking to it in a 
common way from within your FOAF file.

Is one of these approaches innately better than the other?

Obviously there would need to be some tools for
  a) creating your reviews in an easy manner and
  b) searching other peoples' FOAF to find out what you both like and what 
they like that you don't know about yet.

The inclusion of a "genre" would make for better searches, which is probably 
a whole other can of worms, but if reviews were created/organised via a 
standard tool, this could be a limited set.

Clearly this information could be valuable to harvesting bots, so some 
wot/PGP magic would come in handy.

Does all this make sense?


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