[rdfweb-dev] FW: Standard review format (RVW)

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Fri May 9 12:20:10 UTC 2003

> This would seem to be a possible basis for the recommendation
> engine Gareth
> Simpson asked about last week, either including reviews in a user's FOAF
> file or creating a file filled with reviews and then linking to it in a
> common way from within your FOAF file.
> Is one of these approaches innately better than the other?

Both sound pretty promising - the recommendation angle could be great, like
a more social version of Amazon's stuff. I suppose an RDF store + UI that
understood FOAF + RVW could mix and match.

The inclusion of the ratings property should make the data a potential
testbed for trying out mixed logic/numeric reasoning.

Alf has the use case in mind of pumping reviews out over an RSS feed, which
I suppose may or may not be review-specific. Data from that could go into a
searchable store just the same.

(to be able to include/refer to reviews in FOAF data, the Review class
probably is needed as well as the properties)

> Obviously there would need to be some tools for
>   a) creating your reviews in an easy manner and
>   b) searching other peoples' FOAF to find out what you both like
> and what
> they like that you don't know about yet.
> The inclusion of a "genre" would make for better searches, which
> is probably
> a whole other can of worms, but if reviews were created/organised via a
> standard tool, this could be a limited set.

Nice idea. I wonder if this could be done in the same fashion as or inside
hierarchical categories?

> Clearly this information could be valuable to harvesting bots, so some
> wot/PGP magic would come in handy.
> Does all this make sense?



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