[rdfweb-dev] SemanticPlanet Crawler

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Wed May 14 06:45:16 UTC 2003

On Tuesday, 13 May 2003 at 21:05, Danny Ayers wrote:
> I only just heard about Ecademy, just signed myself up to have a look -
> looks good, based on Drupal. It created an FOAF file for me (though I can't
> see any way of editing it manually). So does that mean there's FOAF for all
> 20,000 members?
Julian Bond is the techie behind Ecademy. He used to be on this list
although I'm not sure whether he is still. Originally all Ecademy
members' details were published as FOAF. However, some members became
upset because they were worried about their details being so easily
machine readable (some warning flags for the semantic web in there).
Julian changed to a system where the FOAF production is off by default
and the member has to enable it explictly.

> Has your crawler got all that, or just a subset because of connectivity?
> I really like the way you present the source info, btw.
The crawler picks up anything that is linked via a seeAlso. That
includes RSS and some other miscellaneous stuff. It's just an
experiment, I'm not really trying to index all the RDF out there (at
least not yet :).

> What kind of things have/will you been doing with the data?
I'm not really doing anything other than what you can see. I plan to
make RDF equivalent versions of the various pages available so others
can use it. The primary driver behind the crawler was to provide a
place for people to list their FOAF, be validated and style checked,
and be found by others. As other RDF formats comes along such as
business markup etc, I'll include those too.

I also want to explore building rich query interfaces, defining those
in RDF and automatically aggregating them.

- Ian <iand at internetalchemy.org>
"The test of all knowledge is experiment."

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