[rdfweb-dev] foaf in slash-clones

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Sun Oct 5 08:21:45 UTC 2003

I've kicked off or re-activated a discussion in the Drupal dev group 
about supporting foaf. This raises a couple of questions.

Most "Slash-clone" code maintains more or less complete member profile 
records which probably map quite well onto <foaf:Person>. But few of 
them have any function that looks much like <foaf:knows>. Does this mean 
it's worth squeezing something into this mould the way typepad did with 
blogrolls, or is there some neat function that slashclones ought to have 
that would incidentally generate foaf:knows data.

Has anyone got an insider's link with Slash, Scoop, *-Nuke, etc 
developer's groups or any of the other slashclone applications and could 
encourage the building of a foaf module.

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