[rdfweb-dev] back on track, now: domain of naming properties

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Thu Oct 9 18:52:37 UTC 2003

> short implementaion report: ;-)

Good man!

> A couple of weeks ago I posted a comment on some fundamental problems
> I had trying to make an OWL editor work with the FOAF RDFS schema [1].
> It really seems to be the case that you cannot use OWL (Lite/DL)
> tools with RDFS class definitions. sad but true. Took me some time to
> find a solution

...but it is possible with OWL Full(?) - I for one would be very interested
in hearing how this affected what you could and couldn't do in practice, and
what form your solution takes.

but now I'm back again to ask further stupid questions:
> In order to make my editor generate FOAF-based html forms, I have to
> manually import the FOAF classes and properties from the schema once.
> I now came across foaf:title and foaf:nick which have no domain or
> range specified (at least I couldn't find them). range is clear
> (rdfs:Literal or xsd:string) but would the domain be a foaf:Agent or
> just any resource (in my case owl:Thing)?

Hmm, not altogether straightforward - initially I couldn't imagine how
foaf:title could apply to anything other than a foaf:Person but from the

"The approriate values for foaf:title are not formally constrained, and will
vary across community and context. Values such as 'Mr', 'Mrs', 'Ms', 'Dr'
etc. are expected."

So it is conceivable that in the non-biological agent community other values
might be used (e.g. Governor T-800). So it sounds to me like foaf:Agent,
unless danbri had a specific reason for leaving it wide open.

I think the same basic argument applies to foaf:nick, and is probably more
likely to occur.

> p.s.: the editor is part of my thesis but I'm thinking about
>       installing a (someday hopefully) stable version on a server
>       and/or making the code (php) available. people could then
>       create and store their foaf files online. would this make
>       sense? any comments, anyone interested in such a service/tool?

Definitely. Tell us/show us more!


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