[rdfweb-dev] back on track, now: domain of naming properties

Benjamin Nowack office at e-senses.de
Fri Oct 10 02:47:25 UTC 2003

Dougal Campbell (dougal at gunters.org) schrieb am 09.10.2003:
>On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Benjamin Nowack wrote:
>> [....]
>> p.s.: the editor is part of my thesis but I'm thinking about
>>       installing a (someday hopefully) stable version on a server
>>       and/or making the code (php) available. people could then
>>       create and store their foaf files online. would this make
>>       sense? any comments, anyone interested in such a service/tool?
> Well, yeah. duh :)
>[Danny] Tell us/show us more!
>[Dan] +1

Great. :-) let me set up a small site for this then.
the app is based on php with a mysql db. I'm currently developing
it for my thesis (a personalized campus portal). It's 
multi-user capable (concerning the instance editor) but the
modeler has a global access restriction/privilege only. there is
no documentation yet and the english version (app is german) is
generated partly automatic and on the fly which is not so usable
(but at least funny).
I will need a couple of days (best-case scenario ;-)) for something
like a "pre-alpha" version. At the moment I'm still struggling with
the widgets for object properties (e.g. foaf:knows). far away from
the FOAF-a-matic's ease of use...
I'll try to publish some screenshots, a short how-to, and 
create a few test accounts asap...

what would non-biological arnie say?
"I'll be back."
(with a URL)


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