[rdfweb-dev] Foaf-for-Dean

Zack Rosen zrosen at deanforamerica.com
Sun Oct 12 19:12:21 UTC 2003

DeanSpace(.org) is the Dean grassroots flavor of drupal that produces 
all sorts of fun (drupal compatible) modules / tools for campaign 
websites.  We are wiring all our state offices up at the present time 
with DeanSpace and unnoficial sites pop up every day.

Drupal supported remote auth before DeanSpace was around - it was one of 
the reasons we decided to Drupal as a codebase. 

A "block" is the Drupal term for a lump of content that is found in a 
(menu) column on a drupal page.  DeanLink is just a drop in module that 
displays its contents in a "block". 


Marc Canter wrote:

>I'm interested in the relationship between Drupal (which I believe the
>Dean folks are using for single sign-on authentication) and this
>DeanSpace plugin - which "snags" DeanLinks.  Isn't this "block" process
>a form of authentication?  Does that conflict or enhance the existing
>Drupal capabilities?
>(see below for more....)
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> > "to FOAFCorp of course."
> I didn't get quite that far into the spec :) .. but Danbri started 
>showing me the possibilities. 
>Foafinate-for-dean was made to let a DeanSpace plugin snag "Deanlink's" 
>and turn them into a buddylist block on DeanSpace pages.
>But we are now also working on geo / relationship scutterbot 
>visulazation wonderfulness.
>Any other exciting ideas i should be aware of?
>Back to Marc's comments.......
>Dude - we got ideas for YOU!
>We've been working on a social network which is based upon FOAF.  We're
>at the point where the code is up (on wobbling legs)
>(http://peopleaggregator.com/ ) and we're drilling down into what are
>the specific inter-op, inter-change, sharing facilities we can support
>and facilitate across social nets.
>Within the Dean world - you seem to have worked out your own interchange
>- but how/what would you like to see - connecting to "the rest of the
>eCademy, Venture Collective, ODDPost, Tribe, LivingDirectory, Affinity
>Engines, WebAssistant, NetModular or Technorati all wanna play along.
>And there are even right-wing/VC oriented systems like Always-On which
>want to be part of some sort of federated social network of social
>So we have a huge opportunity staring us in the face - all based upon
>FOAF.  I myself wanna establish a 'digital lifestyle aggregator' kind of
>environment, where I can support my various "digital presences" on the
>- Marc

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