[rdfweb-dev] Subject: Schema-Aware FOAF Editor

James Carlyle james.carlyle at takepart.com
Wed Oct 15 15:52:10 UTC 2003


I have written a schema - aware editor for .Net written in C#.

It handles input like

    firstName    james
    surname    carlyle
            firstName    ian
            surname    davis

It provides in-place dropdowns to allow the user to select ranges and
domains quickly.  It also does some wiki stuff (looking for properties to
identify a resource, like firstName and surname for a Person, and building a
local wiki link).  This allows the user to create simple RDF documents
interactively and move between them.

Finally, it has a very basic method for determining namespaces, and will
export native RDF as XML.  I wrote it over the spring but haven't had time
to publish it :(


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> [Recommendations on augmenting the FOAF 0.1 schema below.]
> Further to Danny's little-RDF-serialization email [1], I worked on a
> few ideas to see what the easiest way of entering RDF data on the
> command line is. It occured to me that since schemata can provide
> domain and range constraints, we might as well use them in an editor.

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