[rdfweb-dev] FOAF in company knowledge networks

Eric Vitiello eric at perceive.net
Mon Oct 20 18:41:15 UTC 2003

> Don't we hit the same re-ification problem? You can't 
> actually say "I trustHighly Dave in GUI Design". You can say 
> that "The rdf at http://foo.com/foaf.rdf says Eric trustHighly Dave in GUI

> Design"[1] and "Eric made http://foo.com/foaf.rdf" and even 
> "http://foo.com/foaf.rdf is signed by eric at foo.com with a 
> key that matches the one at MIT and eric at foo.com is also the mbox
> associated with Person Eric in that foaf file".
> So... what... I'm not sure why I even keep going round this. Maybe [1] 
> is all you need because at least there's some audit trail. If it ever 
> matters then somebody can dig back through foo.com DNS records, and 
> references to foo.com both on and off the net and build up a 
> comprehensive picture of whether statements made in files on 
> that site have any worth at all, at all.

I see the solution fairly simply.  we need a way for a FOAF file to state
that it trusts another FOAF.  for instance, in Bob's FOAF, he might have
something that states "This FOAF trustsHighly Eric's FOAF"  and my FOAF
might also have something that says "I trustAveragely Dave in GUI Design",
which would mean that Bob could then apply a level of trust to Dave, because
his FOAF trusts the information in my FOAF...  What's we're really needing
to measure is how much any given person trusts a given FOAF, so I think this
would work well.  Jen's trust module could be used in this manner, and we
would be able to build a large trust network.

Eric Vitiello
Perceive Designs <http://www.perceive.net>
Vino di Vitiello, Louisville KY 

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