[rdfweb-dev] Re: Proposal: foaf:owns property

Ryan Wagner rwagner at mit.edu
Sun Sep 28 18:42:22 UTC 2003

Let's not also forget about other forms of possession such as leasing (a
car), renting (an apartment), and maybe even borrowing (a book).


On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 14:23, Dan Brickley wrote:
> There are a few ways we could model this, depending on level of detail
> required.
> First point to note: individual triples (statements) in RDF can't be 
> qualified with additional attributes, eg. I can say "danbri livesIn
> bristol" but not "danbri livesIn bristol (when=usually)"; I can say 
> "nestle owns loreal" but not "nestle owns loreal; amount=50%". So RDF 
> vocabulary design in this area usually takes one of two routes. Either
> we qualify the relationship, which for these examples would give us 
> relations such as usuallyLivesIn, or ownsHalfOrMoreof. If that proves
> clunky, we usually adopt a more verbose, flexible representation, and 
> describe characteristics of the relationship directly.
> eg. instead of the 'simple view' of 'nestle owns loreal', we'd describe
> something like 
> <fc:OwnershipShare>
>  <fc:owner rdf:resource="#nestle"/>
>  <fc:ownee rdf:resource="#loreal"/>
>  <fc:share>50</fc:share>
>  <fc:shareType>Joint Venture</fc:shareType>
> </fc:OwnershipShare>
> You could write that rule that if there is some X and Y, such that
> they are owner and ownee in an OwnershipShare and the share is >0,
> or 50 or whatever we think makes sense, then the owner fc:owns the
> ownee.
> Which brings us back to the original foaf:owns proposal. Would X own Y
> if X had a 1% share stake in Y? 30% 50% 51% etc? 
> > 
> > At some point hierarchies is going to include people. If we can get 
> > foaf:owns to work for the cases below as well as for corporate entities 
> > then we'll be able to describe the other half of the L'Oreal 
> > relationship as well. Liliane Bettencourt and her family own the other 
> > half.
> Oh, interesting. I guess way to do it is treat both companies and
> people as "Agent"s and define the ownership-oriented vocab in those
> terms. 
> Do we have any lawyers present?
> Dan
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