[rdfweb-dev] Re: foaf use case: vegetarian / airline bookings

Jennifer Golbeck golbeck at cs.umd.edu
Mon Sep 29 21:56:26 UTC 2003

> I was just chatting to Amy van der Heil about W3C meeting planning
> and the categories they use.
> <amy>	Omnivore (meat & etc)
> <amy>	Vegetarian
> <amy>	Vegan
> <amy>	Kosher
> <amy>	No red meat
> <amy>	No shell fish
> <amy>	No sugar
> <amy>	Other dietary requirements (precise below)

These should be easy enough to work up. I'm starting on looking up all of
the restrictions (ie kosher, halal). I'll add in nuts, wheat, dairy, and
soy as well.

> Not clear where to draw the line. Knowing religious views (eg. Kosher
> is explicit above) helps with food but also with other aspects of
> meeting planning (relig. holidays etc). Which in turn connects to the
> RDF/ical work (Libby -- any comments?).

this is really nice, btw. Cool to connect things up this way.

> Back to the detail of your vocab, any chance you could be persuaded to
> define in terms of http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/Person class instead of
> (or as well as?) the isi Person class?
> currently you have http://www.isi.edu/webscripter/person.o.daml#Person

Certainly. I think I just randomly looked up a Person when I made this the
first time. The foaf reference has been added.


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