[rdfweb-dev] SubEthaSchema

Christopher Schmidt crschmid at uiuc.edu
Sun Aug 1 21:16:26 UTC 2004

I promised Kasei I'd offer him a working Schema for his road trip, in 
which he can describe at least his location, and a time at which he was 
at that location.

The current MeNow schema has a lot of problems. For one, the fact that 
the Domain and Range of all properties and classes is a foaf:Person ;)

As such, I'm going to completely rework the schema. However, I 
understand that this is a big task, and I'm really lazy ;)

So, what I've done is set up a SubEthaEdit document, which anyone can 
edit. This is much like editing a document via a Wiki, except more 

At the moment, I've added all the information from the current schema to 
the SEE document. Those of you with access to a wiki can edit the 
document at:


Right now, I'm off to do some normal household things - food is, after 
all, important in one's daily life :) I'm going to leave the document 
and computer open, and anyone who wants to can edit the document.

The primary goal is to be able to use the MeNowDocument to describe a 
location, and a time at which the person was at that location. Once 
that's done, we can start to describe more.

My idea is to allow MeNowDocument's to be placed inside a foaf:Person:

           <menow:location><gps:Point /></menow:location>

This would allow a person to have multiple menowdocuments, documenting, 
for example, the last 5 books the person was reading. At the same time, 
we could have a smaller version as a seperate document:

   <menow:creator><foaf:Person /></menow:creator>
   <menow:location><gps:Point /></menow:location>

I've done my best to adhere to striping, but since I know so little 
about RDF, I've probably messed up somehow ;)

Hopefully, even by myself, I can get this wrapped up and get it passed 
on to Joel to be used in place of the current, relatively broken and 
kind of unusable, schema ;)

Anyone who would like to help edit is free to. Any changes or 
suggestions are welcome! Feel free to include TODOs, FIXMEs, or anything 
else in the doc.

Thanks again!

Christopher Schmidt
crschmidt at crschmidt.net

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