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Adam Atlas adam at atommic.com
Sun Aug 1 21:29:50 UTC 2004

Is there a SubEthaEdit client for platforms other than Mac OS X?  It's  
not a problem for me, since I do use OS X, but it seems it would be  
better if people on other platforms could contribute to this.

On a side note, on the topic of RDF editing via Wiki Wiki Web, I'm  
working on an actual Wiki Wiki Web that accepts only RDF data. I don't  
know how successful or useful it will be, but it's just an experiment,  
and I'll announce it here when it's ready.

-- saltA madA

On Aug 1, 2004, at 5:16 PM, thus spake Christopher Schmidt:

> I promised Kasei I'd offer him a working Schema for his road trip, in
> which he can describe at least his location, and a time at which he was
> at that location.
> The current MeNow schema has a lot of problems. For one, the fact that
> the Domain and Range of all properties and classes is a foaf:Person ;)
> As such, I'm going to completely rework the schema. However, I
> understand that this is a big task, and I'm really lazy ;)
> So, what I've done is set up a SubEthaEdit document, which anyone can
> edit. This is much like editing a document via a Wiki, except more
> interactive.
> At the moment, I've added all the information from the current schema  
> to
> the SEE document. Those of you with access to a wiki can edit the
> document at:
> see:// 
> -000D93B0BA44
> Right now, I'm off to do some normal household things - food is, after
> all, important in one's daily life :) I'm going to leave the document
> and computer open, and anyone who wants to can edit the document.
> The primary goal is to be able to use the MeNowDocument to describe a
> location, and a time at which the person was at that location. Once
> that's done, we can start to describe more.
> My idea is to allow MeNowDocument's to be placed inside a foaf:Person:
> <foaf:Person>
>    <menow:hasMeNowDocument>
>        <menow:MeNowDocument>
>            <menow:location><gps:Point /></menow:location>
>        </menow:MeNowDocument>
>    </menow:hasMeNowDocument>
> </foaf:Person>
> This would allow a person to have multiple menowdocuments, documenting,
> for example, the last 5 books the person was reading. At the same time,
> we could have a smaller version as a seperate document:
> <menow:MeNowDocument>
>    <menow:creator><foaf:Person /></menow:creator>
>    <menow:location><gps:Point /></menow:location>
> </menow:MeNowDocument>
> I've done my best to adhere to striping, but since I know so little
> about RDF, I've probably messed up somehow ;)
> Hopefully, even by myself, I can get this wrapped up and get it passed
> on to Joel to be used in place of the current, relatively broken and
> kind of unusable, schema ;)
> Anyone who would like to help edit is free to. Any changes or
> suggestions are welcome! Feel free to include TODOs, FIXMEs, or  
> anything
> else in the doc.
> Thanks again!
> -- 
> Christopher Schmidt
> crschmidt at crschmidt.net
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