[rdfweb-dev] Foaf-a-matic SHA1 converter

Taral taral at taral.net
Sun Aug 1 22:14:13 UTC 2004

On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 04:53:30PM -0400, Matthew Leingang wrote:
> Works now, great.  For posterity, the python code looks like
>             mbox = "mailto:leingang at math.harvard.edu"
>             import sha
>             sha = sha.new()
>             sha.update(mbox)
>             mbox_sha1sum = sha.hexdigest()
> I don't know if there's a cool one-liner, as I've only been using python for
> about a week.

% echo -n 'mailto:leingang at math.harvard.edu' | sha1sum
bfbf875c7d2aced45a00874d1cfc66f132ac1fc4  -

>>> import sha; print sha.sha('mailto:leingang at math.harvard.edu').hexdigest()

% echo -n 'mailto:leingang at math.harvard.edu' | openssl dgst -sha1

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