[rdfweb-dev] foaf:dateOfBirth

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Aug 2 13:55:03 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Benjamin Nowack wrote:

> reusing the bio vocab Libby mentioned, this could be narrowed down to
> <bio:event>
>   <bio:Birth>
>      <??:year/>
>      <??:month/>
>      <??:day/>
>   </bio:Birth>
> </bio:event>
> with the ?? terms possibly being quite general (i.e. there is
> no need for them to be restricted to bio stuff). does anybody
> know if those already exist?

The xsd datatype(s) seem to have more options than Captain Britain has 
secret powers. Would those suffice?

This would of course entail a processing model that includes some 
(rudimentary) datatype knowledge.

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