[rdfweb-dev] Win32 compile of Redland/Raptor

Chris Pointon chrispo at adtoolsinc.com
Fri Aug 13 13:47:27 UTC 2004

Hi Shelley, Dave,

I managed to sort out the memory allocation problems with the Win32
build by changing the LIBRDF_ALLOC/FREE/CALLOC defines to use the raptor
allocation routines rather than malloc()/free(). I also built and ran
example1 of from the examples folder, using my FOAF URI as input.

At this point I'd like to duck out and hand it over to you. I don't have
time to do a 'true' port of all the options (MySQL, libwww etc), let
alone run all the tests and make sure the release builds are OK, but I
hope I might at least have broken the back of the Win32 work. Perhaps
Shelley can take it up where I left off???

I've zipped up my entire build directory (all 20MB) and put it on

It includes all the modules needed for the build (not just Redland, but
CURL, DB etc), within a top-level 'RDF' directory. 

I've included notes on the build and the changes I made in Win32Port.txt
in the RDF directory, plus detailed change reports for the source files
I had to change to get the build working. I hope this will help you
merge my changes back into the master copy.

Dave, I couldn't get the Win32 raptor port you mentioned to build, so
I've included my own version of the public source, and I used that
rather than the copy in the redland directory for my builds.

Let me know if I can help any more. I got into doing this because I
couldn't bear it getting so close without success, but I really can't
commit much more time to it!

kind regards

Chris Pointon
0845 095 0200

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