[rdfweb-dev] Atom-FOAF

Henry Story henry.story at bblfish.net
Sun Aug 15 14:55:59 UTC 2004

I have written out a full description with a lot of illustrations on 
how to FOAFify Atom [1]. The description is written out as a blog which 
is using the format it is advocating to back it up. So it is both a 
description and a proof of concept.

I see this being useful to the foaf, atom, and bloged communities for 
different reasons:
	- for the atom community it could bring bring some ontological 
insight, and lead to clarifications - mapping always do that.
     - for the foaf community, I suggest this as an opening into the 
blogging space
     - for bloged, the blog editor I am working on, this will be useful 
at the very
	least to help nail down the needed data structures, though I hope to 
use it both as
	an internal and external data-structure.

I look very much forward to any criticism. This document is the result 
of many such criticisms, for which I am very thankful.

Henry Story

[1] http://bblfish.net/work/atom-owl/2004-08-12/blogexample.html

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