[rdfweb-dev] Free/Busy URL in FOAF

Libby Miller Libby.Miller at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Aug 25 22:36:51 UTC 2004

Yeah re different vocabs; there's a bunch of places you could put this.

Might be worth checking out Tim Berners-Lee's comments on free/busy in 


If you're interested in this being added as part of RDF icalendar we 
might just be able to add it: a note to www-rdf-calendar at w3.org would be 
the best place to suggest this.



On Wed, 25 Aug 2004, Jim Ray wrote:

> Julian Bond wrote:
>> How do you figure this being used? Presence doesn't really lend itself to 
>> polling. It really needs push to a bigger system. You could still use FOAF 
>> as the transport data protocol but it feels like there's more to this than 
>> just adding a schema.
> Free/Busy URL is a iCal term that applies to an iCal file that just contains
> your free/busy information.  It can be retrieved by Outlook, Evolution and
> others as an easy way to check someones availability for an appointment.
> Apple's iCal can also use it I believe, but I don't have a Mac to check
> that. 
> In Outlook it's called Internet Free Busy.  And you can also publish a
> file via FTP.  I don't know if Outlook does WebDAV or not.
> So the field would contain a URL to Free/Busy File(.ifb extension) that
> could be retrieved or just read if you know the iCal spec.
> So it's basically the same as blog, website or any of the other URL
> fields that are being used.
> As a side note, I find it amusing out of the four people that have read this 
> it was split into two groups, one that thought iCal and the other that seems
> to have thought presence information.
> thanks all.
> jim
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