[rdfweb-dev] Postal address vocabulary

Reto Bachmann-Gmuer reto at gmuer.ch
Mon Aug 30 14:53:54 UTC 2004

Hi Julian

> vCard:Street    = Multi line or comma sep up to the line before Town
S42 defines multiple elements for this, the reason are:
- sorting: The primary sorting citerion for "7 upper Bronx-Street" is Bronx
- parsing / rendering: The elements are rendered dirrently depending on 
the region, in some regions (e.g. two-lingual regions in Switzerland) 
different renderings are possible (e.g. "7, rue de Fribuorg" same as 
"Rue  de Fribourg 7" and even the same as "Freiburgstrasse 7"). Putting 
all togeteher in a possibly different ways make it impossible to 
determine neighburhoods.
> vCard:Locality  = Town
> vCard:Region    = County or State
> vCard:Pcode     = Postcode, Zipcode or whatever local code is called
In countries with competitive postal systems they may be different 
postcodes for the same delivery point, e.g. Potcodes of Royal Mail and 
Hays DX code in the U.K..
> vCard:Country   = Full text ISO version
> With Street, Pcode, Country, required
Not all countries haave postcodes, and an address may be complete 
without street (e.g. Postbox or "poste restante")
> ...
> So do we actually need another schema for this?

it would certainly be great using existing vocabulary, but none of those 
I've seen, looks close to the S42 standard or satisfies the same 
requirement in being globaly suitable.

- The S42 standard defines addresses in a way that is highly 
international  (the UPU has 190 member countries)
- Most post making systems to verify address or to be notified of 
address-changes are or will be using S42
- vcard and foaf are partially redundant


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