[rdfweb-dev] superclass of PersonalProfileDocument and inverse of primaryTopic

Reto Bachmann-Gmuer reto at gmuer.ch
Tue Dec 7 13:30:32 UTC 2004


Implementing KnoBot, I think I found a usecase for:

1) A superclass of PersonalProfileDocument which differs from 
PersonalProfileDocument in that it does not require the 
foaf:primaryTopic of the document to be the foaf:make of the document. 
e.g. foaf:AgentProfileDocument

2) An inverse property of primaryTopic

My usage szenario:

In KnoBot contacts and users are createted using the foaf-vocabulary, 
often the contacts do not have PPDs and do not enter themself. There is 
an page that shows a list of all foaf-agents, the names should be links 
to pages with more information about the contact. In normal browsers the 
page is transformed to html by xslt-transformation over the rdf data 
serialized as r3x. It would be easier both in the code extracting the 
list of contacts and in the xslt, if there would be a mean to directly 
relate the foaf-agent to a "ProfileDocument". 
When a page is requested KnoBot chooses the code handling the request 
depending on the type of the resource requested, if there was something 
like "foaf:AgentProfileDocument" this would be the type to which code an 
templates for dispalying a single contact could be associated, in facts 
PersonalProfileDocumentts hardly need another handler.

Would be interested to hear if I've chose a wrong design approach, or if 
there are reasons against introducing such a new Class and property, or 
if others had similar problems.


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