[rdfweb-dev] FOAFCite

Sean B. Palmer sean+foaf at infomesh.net
Thu Dec 30 13:39:08 UTC 2004

- FOAFCite

For when you want to add someone to your FOAF file but don't want to 
have to go to the trouble to look up all the details by hand. You enter 
a name/nickname and get, in either RDF/XML or Notation3, a list of 
details that you choose via the form. Uses crschmidt's redlandbot [1] 
service, and is made in the same vein as FOAFQ [2]. Enjoy.

[1] http://crschmidt.net/redlandbot/
[2] http://sbp.f2o.org/2003/foafq

Sean B. Palmer, http://inamidst.com/sbp/
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