[rdfweb-dev] PPD

jo walsh jo at abduction.org
Fri Feb 6 21:31:48 UTC 2004

> The basic problem IMO is that we have two types of FOAF users. Those who
> want to do RDF and those who want to do social software and wish to use
> FOAF as a format for personal information.
> Social software folk should forget about RDF and FOAF and do their own
> thing. RDF will only hold you back and drag you down.

from here, you're either crazy, or have it in for social software
developers. i see it stated often that each time another friendster,
tribe, myspace, orkut etc takes off, the case for this data being user
owned and publically accessible machine-readable becomes stronger and more

these 'social software' services don't seem useful or deeply interesting
in and of themselves; it's only in how they connect to other services,
whetehr that's dating or blogging or exchanging objects or organising
events or planning political campaigns or open source software
development projects. It's easier to reuse other peoples services than to
provide your own from scratch mostly. It's nice to contribute to and learn
from a communally owned data pool. not a lot of walled gardens, each
requiring a conceptual RFID tag to enter.      

'social software developers' can't really afford to maintain such
short-sightedness i think, and to disrecommend RDF and FOAF to them looks

"Common sense won't tell you. We have to tell each other." -DNA

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