[rdfweb-dev] Tribe FOAF

Benjamin Nowack bnowack at appmosphere.com
Thu Feb 19 08:34:42 UTC 2004

On 18.02.2004 19:22:05, Paul J. Martino wrote:
>>Attached is Tribe's first crack at a FOAF file. Several interesting
>>questions ensue: ie what is enough to uniquely describe friends? etc.
two comments:

><foaf:interest>Poker, games, friends</foaf:interest>
foaf:interest has a range of foaf:Document and can therefore not be used
as a datatype property.

no need for the extra ""

rest looks just fine.

On 19.02.2004 07:55:14, Julian Bond wrote:
>Here's a modified version. I've based any extra info on what I can see 
>on your profile when logged in. I think it's only personal webpage which 
>might be contentious.
note that PPD and primaryTopic are only _discussed_ atm and not part 
of the spec (yet).

hm, neither is foaf:dateOfBirth (I thought it was)..


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