[rdfweb-dev] ANNOUNCE: FOAFCamp, Enschede, The Netherlands, 19-20 Aug 2004

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Thu Jul 1 09:00:20 UTC 2004

Hope to see you there!




             FOAF Camp, Enschede, The Netherlands, 19-20 August 2004
			Web: http://foafcamp.asemantics.org/
			Contact: foafcamp at asemantics.com


   FOAF Camp - 19-20 August 2004, Campus UTwente, The Netherlands

   In short

   Two days of talking, hacking, socializing and making FOAF better. Held
   in the parklike surroundings of Twente University, hometown of the
   Grolsch beer brewery.

   This gathering will be loosely based on the ideas pioneered at the BSD
   and Apache Hackathons and last years FooCamp; i.e. a self organizing
   group (though do suggest topics) working on cool things together while
   having fun. And using the Face to Face time to understand people and
   issues better, work on things which require people from different
   continents to be in a room together and to build enough trust and
   understanding to make even greater things when you get home. (If you
   are also looking for something with a bit more structure,
   organisation and formality; do check out the FOAF workshop in
   Galway, Ireland. http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/events/foaf-galway/)

   Organized by the FOAF community for the FOAF community.

   The programme starts on Thursday the 19th of August 2004 at 9.00; and
   continues until Friday the 20th of August 2004 at 16.00.

   The camp will be held at the Logica Facility; a tiny, somewhat
   secluded, conference center (which is just big enough for us) in the

   Friend of Friends help a Friend

   We are organizing this on a personal and non-profit/cost recovery
   basis. So if you can help out; if you want to do something
   specifically; show something, help out organising something, sponsor a
   t-shirt, beerbash or a lunch, whatever, do let us know. We need the
   community to make this work.

   Note that the site we are at is a private Campus away from any public
   roads and normal citizens; so even if you have very wild, noisy or
   strange ideas - we can propably accomodate them.


   150 Euro which includes lunch on both days and a dinner (or BBQ
   weather permitting) on thursday. Breakfast is included in the
   roomrates quoted below.

   We prefer payment ahead of time, but see cut-off dates below into:

     IBAN: NL64ABNA0481301186
     Account: / WebWeaving
     Bank: ABN AMRO, Stationstraat 31, Leiden, The Netherlands 
     Swift/FAST sorting code: ABN ANL 2A

   using an internatioanl SWIFT or IBAN transfer, with the transaction
   set in Euro's and with any cost paid by the sender. Contact us to make
   alternate arrangements, in case of hardship, or if you need things
   such as a proforma invoice.

   Or alternatively in cash on-site. In any case; you will receive your
   receipt from the registration desk at FOAF camp.

   In the unlikely, but possible event that, we need to cancel the event
   we will fully restitute de amounth paid; and/or any banking fee's, up
   to a maximum of 15 E upon presentation by email or fax of the

   If you have to cancel - and let us know before the 15th - we'll
   restitute the full amount paid. Any cancelations after that point
   will be restituted up to 50%.

   A registration form will be provided as soon as possible; meanwhile
   you can help us tremendously by sending us an expression of interest.

   mailto:foafcamp at asemantics.com?subject=Cool,+and+Yes+I+am+coming

   Lodging is not included in the above conference fee; see below for the
   options and how to make reservations. It is up to -you- to arrange
   your own accomodation. A fair number of rooms are suitable for
   sharing; use your friend of a friend network as appropriate.

   Important Dates

   15 of July preliminary registration cut-off. Registrations after this
   date will be served on a first-come, first served basis provided
   there is still space.

   1st of August registration closed.

   2nd of August Deadline for presentation requests.

   3st of August If you've not yet wired your conference fee at this
   point; then be prepared to pay cash at the conference.


   FOAF camp will be held at the Campus of Twente University, near
   Enschede, The Netherlands which is located at the very east of the 
   Netherlands, walking distance from the current border with 

   See the website (http://foafcamp.asemantics.org/) for many more
   details on travel, location, ATMs, food plans, 802.11/electricity, 
   accomodation, and other such things.


   The event is organized by members of the FOAF community on purely for
   fun and a not for profit basis: Libby Miller, Dan Brickley,  
   Dirk-Willem van Gulik and other folks from @Semantics S.R.L...

   libby.miller at bristol.ac.uk, dirkx at webweaving.org, danbri at w3.org

   Dirk-Willem van Gulik, +31 (0) 71 514 9564, Libby Miller and Dan
   Brickley. Fax is at +31 71 514 9564


   This is the first time we've tried to do this - we reserve the right 
   to make changes and/or cancel the event; see below for the full 
   restitution of the fee in that case. W're doing this for fun, not for 
   profit, on a pure cost recovery basis - so bear with us as we sort 
   out some details.

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