[rdfweb-dev] rdf:ID vs rdf:nodeID

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Sun Jul 11 10:50:46 UTC 2004

* Graham Klyne <GK at ninebynine.org> [2004-07-11 10:48+0100]
> I'd say the main difference is that if you use rdf:nodeID="a", it cannot be 
> (directly) referenced from outside the graph in which it appears.  When 
> using rdf:nodeID="a", the name "a" is strictly local to the graph.
> When merging graphs that contain rdf:nodeID="...", care must be taken to 
> rename the node identifiers so that the corresponding nodes from different 
> graphs are not combined (unless there is independent evidence that they 
> really do denote the same thing).

FWIW I wrote a brief article on this at 
http://esw.w3.org/mt/esw/archives/000034.html based on an rdfweb-dev
thread last august. It gives some of the history behind the design RDF 
ultimately ended up with. I often find it is impossible to grasp the
purpose behind technical features of a language without having some of
the historical backstory available...


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