[rdfweb-dev] Tidy up your FOAF week - name and shame

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at AlacrityManagement.com
Mon Jul 12 06:23:28 UTC 2004

Graham Klyne wrote:
> Before doing a "name and shame", I think it would be appropriate to
> post a simple easy-to-follow note which tells people how to make a
> good FOAF file. (Covering not only the technical aspects, but
> summarizing what information is actually useful to include.)  This
> may already exists, in which case "reminding" folks with a pointer
> would suffice.
> (I know my own FOAF file is way out-of-date, but as yet I haven't
> spent the time to go about tidying it up.  A simple recipe promoted
> to the FOAF community would encourage me to fix this.)

I have attempted to do this at "Handcrafting My FOAF" at

Let me know if it is missing anything.

-- Christopher Allen

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