[rdfweb-dev] mono RDF parser based on Drive. (nothing to do with tidying foaf.. )

Joel De Gan joel at tagword.com
Fri Jul 16 21:44:12 UTC 2004

I have taken a diversion from where I *was* going:
I was going in the direction of PHP parsers. (Julian and I had many many
discussions on this).
Recently, a project I have been watching closely called Mono
(mono-project.com) finally released version 1.0 and as I had promised
myself, I downloaded it and looked around. It is nice.

I was working on a PHP-GTK desktop app for FOAF and Mono would obviously
be a better choice for this. I have done a lot of work in PHP-GTK[1] but
do realize it's limitations.

Anyway: In working with mono I needed a n3 parser for RDF files (in
particular FOAF). I found one[2].

Just the test app on a sample FOAF file here on my machine can parse and
output the triples of a FOAF 'roughly' around 6,000% to 17,000% faster
than the equivalent PHP parser (PHP5 and 4). That is not a trivial
amount and, for the record, I was not using RAP.

Mono has an apache module available [3] that is easy to set up and get
running, it can do all the normal stuff, mysql etc.

PHP is great, I love it and have written a *lot* of code in PHP.. But
rdf is just not it's forte..  I can accept that. 

Is mono the answer? I don't know, that is why I am posting this here,
from my initial tests, I am going to say 'yes it is' but would like to
hear otherwise. 

My analysis, which I quote crschmidt: "Use a compiled parser!" scripted
parsers are just not going to cut it for the largescale apps, in
particular as FOAF usage grows.

[1] http://lucifer.intercosmos.net/tut/ (a tutorial I wrote on
'advanced' php-gtk)
[2] http://www.driverdf.org (dotgnu/mono rdf n3 parser)
[3] http://www.mono-project.com/downloads/ (see 'mod mono' apache

joeldg - developer, Intercosmos media group.

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