[rdfweb-dev] mono RDF parser based on Drive. (nothing to do with tidying foaf.. )

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Sat Jul 17 07:09:42 UTC 2004

Edd Dumbill <edd at usefulinc.com> wrote:
>On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 21:44 +0000, Joel De Gan wrote:
>> Recently, a project I have been watching closely called Mono
>> (mono-project.com) finally released version 1.0 and as I had promised
>> myself, I downloaded it and looked around. It is nice.
>You should also check out Redland#, which has Mono bindings to the
>Redland RDF application framework.  You'll need to use CVS to get the
>best C# goodness for now, but it's in a pretty decent state, and has
>some RDQL support.
>Redland# has a turtle parser, which is an N3 subset I hope would meet
>your needs.

It depends on the target market. If you're designing for FOAF support in 
something like Drupal or Wordpress, you're stuck with lowest common 
denominator support, which means native PHP.

And even though I have complete control over my deployment on Linux, I 
can't develop with Redland until there's an MS Windows binary of the 
core and the php binding. You can argue that that's laziness on my part 
but I'm not alone.

I still think it would be a great service to RDF if someone could 
produce MS Win Redland binaries. It's nearly another year since this.

Actually an even greater service to RDF would be to get an RDF parser 
baked into the PHP distributions the way that expat and libxml have 

If you were building a big stand alone FOAF App, then maybe all bets are 
off and you can use whatever environment works for you. So using a 
native PHP parser in that case is probably a mistake.

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