[rdfweb-dev] parser pragmatics: Redland 4 win, Raptor in PHP?

Shelley Powers shelleyp at burningbird.net
Tue Jul 20 17:28:09 UTC 2004

>/ Actually an even greater service to RDF would be to get an RDF parser 
/>/ baked into the PHP distributions the way that expat and libxml have 
/>/ been.
+1 too

So let's investigate that. Anybody here know folks closely involved in
the PHP project? I think we having enough sample code (to explain what
RDF "looks like" to a PHP app), benchmarks, motivating data (RSS1 + FOAF
+ CreativeCommons, plus DC etc...). The question I guess is how open to
such possibilities they are, and how expensive it is for them to add
another chunk of code to the distribution.


As I just posted to my weblog, to get RDF included as a standard package or extension, you'll want to check out pecl.php.net for Windows DLL extensions. Or pear.php.net for a package.

PECL is for a Windows DLL extension that I suppose could wrap Redland, for PHP access -- but that's a bit of an overhead for adding RDF parser support. 

Didn't somebody have a stripped down RDF PHP Parser? If we packaged that up for PEAR, wouldn't that suit the needs of this group? I can help with PEAR packaging if someone needs the help.


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