[rdfweb-dev] namespace versioning

Victor Lindesay victor at schemaweb.info
Mon Jul 26 10:48:49 UTC 2004

Julian wrote:
> The implication for FOAF here is that if the namespace ever moved on, 
> say to http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.2/, lots of existing 
> applications built 
> on FOAF would simply not see any data that used the new URI.

Enhancing applications to handle new data model and representation
versions whilst still maintaining backwards compatibility is a common
task successfully undertaken across many areas of software development.
> Is there any formal around RDF namespace versioning? What are we 
> supposed to do?

Ian Davis likes using OWL for this (even for an X*L format like Atom).
The new relationship schema also carries OWL constructs which link to
the previous version.

Equivalence and sub classing info is also sometimes available from ..er
authoritative sources. So the data is out there for mapping components
to 'think' for themselves rather than mappings to be maintained by

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