[rdfweb-dev] namespace versioning

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Wed Jul 28 07:00:07 UTC 2004

Ian Davis <iand at internetalchemy.org> wrote:
>That's handled through the inference rules in RDF Schema and OWL. For 
>example, if you declare rel:friendOf to be a sub property of foaf:knows 
>then the RDF Schema rules tell you to add a triple <x foaf:knows y> 
>whenever you see <x rel:friendOf y>. You could implement owl:sameAs in 
>a similar fashion.
>These sub property and same as declarations are found in the relevant 
>schema file (e.g. 
>http://purl.org/vocab/relationship/rel-vocab-20040308.rdf). Just load 
>the schema into the same model as the RDF file you've just parsed and 
>trigger the rules.

That wasn't the problem. The problem was 3 similar versions of the same 
namespace being used in different foaf files. And in theory as

predates the following, it knows nothing about


so there's no way any inference rules in the RDF Schema and OWL could be 
used to translate the first two into the last without the application 
being told they are equivalent. Is there a forward and backward chain 
between all these of dcterm:replaces and dcterm:isReplacedBy? Should 
(must) there be for any namespace that goes through multiple versions?

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