[rdfweb-dev] Re: FOAF and Virtual Presence

Phil Wilson phil at philwilson.org
Wed Jul 28 10:38:59 UTC 2004

Hi Heiner,

This is slightly OT, but I know that stpeter was looking some time ago 
at replacing the Jabber vcard-temp with FOAF.

JEP-0120 Infobits (retracted in Feb '04) included the line "Ultimately, 
the primary author concluded that, while FOAF and RDF have many merits, 
they are not ideal for use on the Jabber network" so I'm guessing that 
idea was scrapped.

Do you (or does anybody else for that matter) know anything about the 
potential use of FOAF in Jabber as-is?

Slightly back-on-track, I use FOAF to discover new and interesting 
people who are either within n-degrees of me or share interests. You 
could use that kind of linking to automatically introduce people in the 
same room to one another via the VP of a FOAF-bot I guess.



Let me phrase it this way: What do you do with FOAF? Social Networks are
nice. But what do you do with it after the first hype? Are you regularly
checking people against your FOAF net? I think the point about FOAF is
not so much people checking people. FOAF is much more useful if your
software is automatically checking your contacts against the FOAF
network. Virtual Presence is an application that produces many contacts.
FOAF could qualify them. Virtual Presence and FOAF would make a great
team. Actually it is Virtual Presence and Social Networks in general. In
this case it's Jabber based VP and FOAF based SN.

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