[crschmid@uiuc.edu: Re: [rdfweb-dev] Foafer firefox extension]

Christopher Schmidt crschmid at uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 29 12:28:21 UTC 2004

One of these days I will learn how to reply to a list without messing it 
up first. Unfortunately for you, today is not that day ;)

(Sent this to Dan, rather than the list.)

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 06:45:35AM -0400, Dan Brickley wrote:
> * Victor Lindesay <victor at schemaweb.info> [2004-07-29 10:39+0100]
> The 'link rel' idiom is much more solid; any chance of Foafer supporting
> it?

I've already written the code that uses the same mechanism for DOAPer. 
As soon as Joel stops working on his code for 5 minutes so I can grab 
something to patch against, he'll have a patch.

Thus far, he hasn't done that (while I was awake) for 6 days ;)

-- Chris

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