[crschmid@uiuc.edu: Re: [rdfweb-dev] Foafer firefox extension]

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Sat Jul 31 12:25:21 UTC 2004

Not quite sure how this could connect yet, but it seems Firefox
nightlies now offer RSS/Atom integration into the bookmarks system, 
"live marks". I just grabbed nightly snapshot and when I visit 
http://www.w3.org/ I see a lightning mark in the status bar to indicate
a feed. When I select that it adds a section to my bookmarks which is 
populated with all the items in the RSS feed. There is also, it seems, a 
more conventional feed-reader scheduled for inclusion in Thunderbird
(the news/mail reader for Mozilla).


Am wondering whether the new Firebird thingie could be hacked to read
FOAF files and add bookmark subsections based on People listed and their
feeds? eg. http://usefulinc.com/edd/notes/RDFBlogRoll
http://www.planetrdf.com/ ->
http://planet.gnome.org/ -> http://planet.gnome.org/foafroll.xml
http://planet.debian.net/foafroll.xml (currently illformed) etc.

Idea being that both on personal homepages, corporate homepages, 
aggregators such as Planet RDF/Gnome/Debian etc., there could be a
linked RDF file that uses FOAF to describe 1 or more RSS/Atom feeds.
Sort of a hybrid of the new Firefox functionality and Foafer...

Sounds plausible? 


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