[rdfweb-dev] isbn - rdf:about or IFP

Masahide Kanzaki post at kanzaki.com
Wed Mar 3 03:08:16 UTC 2004

Hi Leigh,

>I went through this process recently to define a simple schema to describe
>reading lists [1]. This defines one new Class (Book) with a single property
>(isbn) and some properties that can be used to relate a foaf:Person to
>a book:Book, e.g. is reading, has read, etc.

Interesting work and looks nice.

I have one question. Is there any particular reason of using isbn as IFP,
not as 'rdf:about' of 'Book' ? I'm not sure identifying a book with
urn:isbn has the same problem as with foaf:Person.

Or do you want to leave room for other identifiers, e.g. urn:nbn: etc. ?

I'm considering to extract some book related information from XHTML, and
interested in how to identify a book (and thought using <Book

Hope hearing your suggestion.

cheers :)

KANZAKI, Masahide a.k.a. masaka
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