[rdfweb-dev] BIO schema update

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Fri Mar 5 23:37:22 UTC 2004

Hi all,

This is just a minor update to add a creative commons attribution
license to the schema spec and also to fix one of the examples which
was broken XML (http://purl.org/vocab/bio/0.1/)

I'm also testing out a set of stylesheets that I'm using to generate
the HTML version of the spec plus individual term HTML+RDF snippets at
the appropriate URLs (e.g. http://purl.org/vocab/bio/0.1/olb).
Everything is generated from the underlying RDF schema.

The toolchain is available sans documentation at
http://vocab.org/2004/03/toolchain. I will be writing this up soon but
if anyone's champing at the bit then have a look at
http://vocab.org/bio/0.1/gen-makefile which generates

Any feedback on the technique or the generated content would be


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