[rdfweb-dev] Extending a schema

Alex Kilpatrick AlexK at hcitraining.com
Mon Mar 8 22:00:29 UTC 2004

> I wonder what software you're using to view the graph. I 
> suspect that the extra Property arc is being generated from 
> the rdfs:domain of your longname property. It's not incorrect 
> to have duplicate triples but sometimes confusing to display them.
> Ian

I'm using the W3C RDF validator to graph the results.  I think it is
because the software creates the edges without checking to see if there
is an identical edge in the graph already.  So the FOAF definition of
mbox creates one "type" edge and then my addition creates another type

I'm also using the Drive C# RDF parser, and it seems to do the same

I can work around this, but I was wondering if I doing something wrong.
I know normally people provide additional schema definitions (like bio)
as independent schemas.  But since I am trying to reason about the
schema itself, I can't do this.



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