[rdfweb-dev] Relationship property names

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Fri Mar 12 19:42:05 UTC 2004

Danbri suggested that the property names in the relationship should
lose the Of prefix. I had a go at renaming the properties in light of
this to see how hard it would be. The result is a change from verb to
noun which seems at odds with the notion of predicate.

Here's my list, noting that the meaning of non-symmetric properties reverse if
you drop the Of, I've rearranged the right hand side to preserve

friendOf          ---->  friend
acquaintanceOf    ---->  acquaintance
parentOf          ---->  child
siblingOf         ---->  sibling
childOf           ---->  parent
grandchildOf      ---->  grandParent
spouseOf          ---->  spouse
enemyOf           ---->  enemy
antagonistOf      ---->  antagonist
ambivalentOf      ---->  ??
knowsOf           ---->  knowsOf
closeFriendOf     ---->  closeFriend
colleagueOf       ---->  colleague
collaboratesWith  ---->  collaborator
employerOf        ---->  employee
employedBy        ---->  employer
mentorOf          ---->  apprentice
apprenticeTo      ---->  mentor
neighborOf        ---->  neighbor
grandparentOf     ---->  grandChild
lifePartnerOf     ---->  lifePartner
ancestorOf        ---->  desdendant
descendantOf      ---->  ancestor

What are other people's thoughts here? The original naming is probably
consistent with foaf:knows, i.e. you can say A foaf:knows B and A
rel:spouseOf B. The revised properties would require you to say A has
rel:spouse B. (Changing foaf:knows to its noun form would result in A
has foaf:knowledge of B which has an entirely different meaning :)


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