[rdfweb-dev] Prefixed rel attribut value (Re:Relationship Schema Updated)

Masahide Kanzaki post at kanzaki.com
Sat Mar 13 14:09:55 UTC 2004

Hi, Ian

>The (X)HTML examples are quite interesting since they allow
>relationships to be asserted between the authors of pages using rel
>and rev attributes on links. This is similar to the XFN method but has
>the advantage of having an RDF interpretation and use of a unified

I'm thinking about using prefixed value for rel attribute like
"rel.childOf", with a link element to map prefix and namespace (schema) uri
in the same manner as Dublin Core:

<link rel="schema.rel" href="http://purl.org/vocabulary/relationship/"/>

It's possible to find schema uri from profile attribute at head element if
there is only one such profile. But when we want to combine multiple
vocabularies, say relationship and vote, it's not simple to know which rel
value belongs to which namespace.

With a link element and prefixed attribute values, we can generate an RDF
(via XSLT) without prior knowledge of the property list of a specific

It would also be worth considering "QName" rel value such as "rel:childOf",
while "rel.childOf" style might be a little bit better because there is
already a standardized way to map it to schema uri.

Would you mind thinking this be one of options to use your vocabulary in


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